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Hawthorne Management
On behalf of your Board of Directors and our employees, we welcome you to Planters Walk. We are pleased that your Board of Directors has chosen our company as the managing agent for your homeowners association. We are Hawthorne Management Company, an experienced company that specializes in the management of master planned communities like Planters Walk.
Your Board of Directors determines the policies and regulations for your community and we implement its directives. The goals of your board and Hawthorne Management Company are twofold. First, we will work to assure that you and other members of your community have an attractive and pleasant living environment. Second, knowing that your home represents a very substantial investment, we are dedicated to helping you maintain and enhance its value. In order to accomplish our goals, we work closely with your Board of Directors to help select competent and reliable subcontractors for the care and maintenance of your community. Through periodic site inspections, we monitor the performance of the subcontractors to assure that the work is done in a proper and timely fashion.
The management company for the Planters Walk Homeowners Association is:
4530 Park Road, Suite 201
PO Box 11906
Charlotte, NC 28220
Our Association Manager is:
Jamee Gregory
704-347-4475 (Fax)
(If you are renting your home and want correspondence to come to your primary residence)

The legal council for the Planters Walk Homeowners Association is:
Sellers, Hinshaw, Ayers, Dortch & Lyons, P.A.
Cameron Brown Building
301 South McDowell Street, Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28204