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Board of Directors

The Planters Walk Homeowners Association is a non-profit incorporated association whose sole purpose is "to promote and maintain" the quality of life in Planters Walk for the benefit of all who live here. The association, through its elected five member Board of Directors, is actively involved in any issues that may affect our community as a whole.

Membership in the association is mandatory for all residents and your HOA dues are used to support our shared amenities and expenses. For example, the landscaping and maintenance of common areas is professionally done and is paid for using these funds. Another example is providing the professionally trained lifeguards that are on duty during all hours that our pool is open.
The Planters Walk community is run very similar to a business.  Annually, we elect members to the Board of Directors to represent us. Board members are responsible to make the important decisions that affect our community. Open meetings are held annually with additional private meetings held on an quarterly basis.   Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the open portion of any board meeting.  Requests to be added to the agenda must be received via email no later than 12:00pm on the date prior to a Board Meeting.  Please feel free to contact the board with any items you feel need consideration.
Also note that the board members serve on a voluntary basis.
They are not paid for their efforts, so please be sure to personally thank them.
Board Of Directors
The community’s current elected Board of Directors includes:
Dana Wascher - President, term ending 2021
Troy Miller - Vice-President, term ending 2020
Bryan Bennett - Treasurer, term ending 2020
Angel Miller - Secretary, term ending 2020
Chantal Kawecki - Member-at-large, term ending 2021

The Board plans to meet regularly in order to conduct the business affairs of the community. Please refer to the Upcoming Events section on our homepage to find out the next meeting date, time and location if you wish to make arrangements to attend or speak.
Pursuant to § 7A-38.3F, association members may initiate voluntary mediation in an effort to resolve a dispute with the association. Please note the dispute cannot be related to assessments and both parties must agree to participate in the mediation.