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HOA Documents

Please click on the links below to view all of the Neighborhood Documents.

HOA Documents

North Carolina Planned Community Act
Statute governing homeowner associations within North Carolina.
Set out the name and address of the HOA, the name and address of the initial agent for service of process, the name and address of the managing agent, and a statement identifying the corporation as an association formed to manage a common interest development
The declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions (called the "declaration" or the CC&Rs) is a document which sets out legally required information about a common interest development.
Used for regulation of the internal affairs of the association, including such matters as assessments, maintenance and repair, use of units and common areas and facilities, meetings of the board of directors and the members, and rules of conduct of the residents
Intended to provide guidance to Owners regarding requirements for additions and modifications to property in Planters Walk and matters of particular concern to the Modifications Committee ("MC") in considering applications for approval of such additions and modifications. In addition, it sets forth various restrictions on other matters relating to the overall appearance of property in Planters Walk.
The current version (2017) of the Design Guidelines is the most accurate and what is used. 
Historical versions are available as follows:
The starter set of rules for the community on which the owners must follow, and were put in place by the community developer to help shape their intent for the community.
Board resolution, defining "Commercial vehicle" as described in Exhibit "C" of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Resolutions ratified by the HOA Board
HOA Board Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting 5/06/2005
Board Meeting 12/14/2009
Board Meeting 6/28/2010
Annual Meeting Packets