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Planters Walk Pool

Planters Walk residents are encouraged to enjoy our six-lane, 25 yard lap pool, and accompanying 1.5 ft depth baby pool.  Residents are required to have a FOB for entry.   Residents who received a FOB in 2018, providing financial status with Hawthorne Management is current, are NOT required to complete/mail in a new form.   For all your pool-related needs, including how to obtain a FOB, pool hours & schedule of events, rules, guest policy, swim lessons, continue reading below...The 2019 pool season opens on May 18th at 11am.


FAQ on FOB access for Planters Walk - 

Q:  What is a FOB?
A:  All Planters Walk residents are required to have a FOB for pool access.  A FOB is a small black key-card, about the size of a quarter which can clip onto your keychain.  It's coded properties allow the pool gate to unlock for resident access.  Planters Walk community implemented the FOB system in 2018.  All homeowners within the Planters Walk community are entitled to one complimentary FOB.  Homeowners MUST be current on all financial obligations to Hawthorne Management for FOB activation.
Q:  How do I apply for and receive a FOB?
Q:  I have a FOB from 2018 - will it still work?
A:  FOBs that were assigned in 2018 will still work and will be activated at the beginning of the 2019 pool season.  Make sure your HOA dues and all financial obligations to Hawthorne Management are current...outstanding balances can delay activation of your FOB.  
Q:  I lost my FOB and/or I want to get a 2nd FOB.  Can I do that?
A:  Complete the FOB application above.  Each homeowner is entitled to one complimentary FOB.  A 2nd can be purchased for $25.  If you lost your complimentary FOB and/or you would like a 2nd FOB, you must purchase a new one for $25.
Q:  I rent my home - how do I get a FOB?
A:  Reach out to your landlord/homeowner, and have the above application completed and processed.  FOB applications MUST be completed by and submitted by homeowners.  Applications completed by tenants will not be accepted. 
Q:  Where do I send my FOB application?  
A:  All FOB applications must be mailed to Hawthorne Management.  Emailed applications will not be accepted.  Mailing address:   
               Planters Walk HOA
              c/o Hawthorne Management
              PO Box 11906
              Charlotte, NC 28220
** The Pool and Social Committees, along with the Swim Team will be hosting various events at the pool throughout the season.  Occasionally the pool will be closed for normal resident use during normal operating hours.  Please consult the UPCOMING EVENTS page of our community website for special events at the pool, and be sure to check our our 2019 calendar above.  For any questions on the pool please email the Pool Committee.
Guest Policy 2019:

Resident households are entitled to up to four (4) free guests PER DAY.  After a household has met the daily limit of four (4) free guests, a household may bring an additional two (2) guests, and will be charged a fee of $2.00 for each additional guest.  A maximum six (6) allowed guests per household PER DAY. This fee will be collected at the pool when you sign in.  All guests must be checked in by the Adult Member and must leave when the Adult Member leaves.  Please refer to Guest Policy for any questions.  Children between the ages of 14-17 (without an adult present) may bring only one (1) guest between the ages of 14-17 with them at any time.  Non-resident guests MUST be accompanied by a Planters Walk resident at all times.   The Planters Walk pool is a private facility for Planters Walk residents.  Residents may bring guest per the guidelines listed above.   Violations of the Guest Policy, as well as any other Pool Rules can lead to suspension and/or termination of pool privileges for the entire home.


Caregiver Policy 2019:

Planters Walk HOA allows Caregivers to accompany under aged children to the pool.  The Caregiver must be at least 18 years of age and capable of supervising children.  The Caregiver is responsible for the safety of the children and for following all Planters Walk Pool rules.  The Caregiver must remain at the pool with the children at all times.  Caregivers that are non-Planters Walk Residents may bring their own children with them, when acting as a Caregiver for a Planters Walk resident.   When not serving in a Caregiver role, these individuals are to follow the Planters Walk Pool guest policy.  Caregivers must comply with the Planters Walk Pool rules and are the responsibility of the resident household; violations may result in privileges of the Caregiver and/or the resident family being removed.

Swim Team 2019: 
Planters Walk has their own summer swim team.  The Planters Walk Waves are in their 9th season and compete against area teams in the Just Swim Charlotte swim league.  Registration for the summer swim team will be open from February 25th - May 18th.  No late registrations will be accepted.  For more information on our summer swim team, please email the SWIM TEAM or CLICK HERE to be directed to the swim team's webpage.  Please note that swim team is NOT the same as swim lessons.  
Swim Lessons 2019:
The CPM lifeguards will be offering swim lessons this season.  Please review the details below.  For any questions, please contact the lifeguards once the pool has opened.  Because the swim lessons are offered by CPM, the HOA will not be able to answer your questions.  CLICK HERE for information on swim lessons.
Pool Parties 2019:
Hawthorne Management welcomes Planters Walk residents to apply to host a pool party this season.   All parties must be approved by the HOA Pool Committee no later than 21 days in advance of the requested date of the party.  Parties requested within the 21 day window are not guaranteed for approval.  Payment must be received within 14 days of the date of party to secure your party date and lifeguard.  CLICK HERE to access the Pool Party form.  Once completed, please email the form to for consideration.  Failure to follow the guidelines and complete as required may result in your application being denied.  A pool party is not confirmed until you receive confirmation from the Planters Walk Pool Committee.  **Please note that Planters Walk does not allow private rental of the entire pool facility.  Your party will occur during normal pool hours, while the pool is opened for normal resident usage.