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Planters Walk Pool

** Planters Walk Homeowners Association, Inc. - Planters Walk Pool Update 9/8/2020:

The pool is now closed.  Thank you to the Planters Walk community for your patience and compliance with the updated policies that were in place for 2020.  We look forward to opening the pool again next spring...



** Planters Walk Homeowners Association, Inc. - Planters Walk Pool Update 8/17/2020:

  • The pool will resume school hours weekdays until the pool closes for the season.
  • Weekday sessions will be:  1pm-3:30pm and 4pm-7:30pm
  • Weekend sessions will be:  10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm and 7pm-8:30pm
  • The last day of the 2020 season will be September 7th and will be open:  10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm and 7pm-8:30pm




** Planters Walk Homeowners Association, Inc. - Planters Walk Pool Update 6/23/2020:

  • The Planters Walk pool will be opening Wednesday, June 24th. 
  • Maximum capacity will be limited to 45 residents. 
  • Pool sessions will be:  10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm and 7pm-8:30pm daily.   The pool will close for one hour in between sessions, in which ALL pool attendees are required to leave.  The hour in between sessions is reserved for cleaning the pool facility and sanitizing high touch points.  Attendance is based on a first come, first serve basis.  If max capacity is reached, a sign will be posted on the front gate.
  • Residents will be required to provide your name, street & house number to the lifeguard at the gate each time you check in.  Any households without the completed/approved 2020 pool forms on file MUST complete and submit a pool packet for verification.  Residents completing the packet will NOT be permitted to access the pool on the same day.  Pool packets are to be submitted inside an envelop and dropped in the black mailbox outside the pool gate.  NO digital submissions will be accepted.  The pool book is updated every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning prior to the pool opening for the day.  Applications must be turned in by 2pm the day before.  If submitted after 2pm, it will be entered the following session.   Absolutely No Exceptions.
  • Masks are required for entry and exiting the pool.  No mask = no entry.
  • Pool Packets for 2020 were mailed to every household in Planters Walk and additionally to owners who do not reside within the community.  For those who misplaced their copy of the Pool Packet 2020, you can download a copy HERE.   All forms must be completed and sealed inside an envelop.  Envelops must be dropped off inside the black mailbox outside the pool gate.  No digital submissions will be accepted.




** Planters Walk Homeowners Association, Inc. - Planters Walk Pool Update 6/5/2020:

We are excited to announce that the Planters Walk pool will be opening this summer! 

Hawthorne Management, Carolina Pool Management and the HOA Board of Directors & Pool Committee are working in concert to create a safe environment to open our pool.  We are operating under the guidance of the NC State Executive order and the association’s legal counsel.  Our goal is to have the pool open for resident use by July 1st.  
New policies and procedures will be in place in accordance with the state mandates.  Updates to normal policies and pool rules, along with liability waivers and resident application forms, will be mailed out in the 2020 Pool Packets to all Planters Walk addresses.
For those who would like to pick up a packet early, the Pool Committee will have two sessions:  June 9th and June 12th, each from 6-8pm at the pool.  Residents may pick up their pool packet, complete all signature forms and return to the pool committee during these scheduled times.    Outside of the pool packet sessions, residents are asked to seal their signature forms inside an envelope and return to the black mailbox outside the pool gate.   All packets will be verified by management and the database will be updated every few days.
**Please note – those that return signature forms AFTER the pool has already opened will not be permitted to use the pool the same day as packet returns.  
We thank you for your continued patience while we navigate these unchartered waters…we are looking forward to a fun summer and excited to see you on deck!


The Planters Walk pool is available to use for all Planters Walk residents, both owners and renters that are considered in good standing with the Planters Walk HOA & Hawthorne Management.   The pool manager and lifeguards, through Carolina Pool Management (CPM), Hawthorne Management, and the Planters Walk HOA Board of Directors have the authority to enforce all rules and ensure the safety of all members and guests – which can include fines, suspension of pool privileges and immediate removal from pool grounds.  Management reserves the right to update the Pool Rules at any time throughout the pool season.
All residents are to make note of the following rules – failure to comply with the designated rules will lead to suspension with the possibility of termination of pool privileges for entire households.  You will be asked to remove yourself from the pool grounds immediately.  Any disagreement should be taken to the pool manager.  The lifeguards are employed to enforce the rules, not to interpret them.  Limit all conversations with the lifeguards while they are on duty.  The lifeguards are there for your protection, not for socializing.
To use the pool area you will be required to provide your name, street & house number to the lifeguard at the gate each time you check in.  Any households without the liability waiver and resident information forms on file MUST complete and submit to the lifeguards for verification.  Residents completing a form will NOT be permitted to access the pool on the same day.  The pool book is updated every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning prior to the pool opening for the day.  Applications must be turned in by 2pm the day before.  If submitted after 2pm, it will be entered the following session.   Absolutely No Exceptions.
For the 2020 season, max capacity is 45 resident people per session.  Absolutely NO non-residents will be permitted.
Due to operating on limited time sessions, there can be a clog of people at the gate at both entry and exit of the pool gate.  Masks are required to be worn during this process.  No mask = no entry.  Masks will not be required on the deck or in the pool, but recommended.
Planters Walk Pool FOB will not be activated for the 2020 season due to COVID-19.  We will return to the FOB at a future date. 
Controlled access and entrance to the pool facility will be administered by the lifeguards.  Residents are not permitted to open the gate for any attendees.  Lifeguards are the only persons allowed to manage the gate.
The pool will be open in blocks for resident use.  Each session will be two hours in length with the exception being the last session of the day being one and a half hours.  The sessions are:  10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm and 7pm-8:30pm.  At quarter to the 2nd hour, the guards announce that the ‘pool will be closing in 15 minutes, it is time to exit the pool & masks are required to exit the pool gate’.  During the hour break, the high touch points of the facility will be cleaned by the staff.
  •  Planters Walk will have two (2) lifeguards on duty at all times.
  •  Lifeguards are the authority of the pool – no questions.
  •  No Lifeguard = No Swim. 
  •  No swimming before and/or after pool hours.  CMPD will be contacted for violations and pool privileges will be terminated.
  •  Anyone on the Pool / Playground property after 11pm will be cited for trespassing.
  •  Hours and dates are subject to change depending on usage and availability of lifeguards.
  •  For all pool updates visit and click on the tab for POOL.
  • Due to COVID 19 – FOOD and ALCOHOL are NOT ALLOWED.  Non-alcoholic drinks are permitted.
  • No drinks while in the water.  No drinking allowed while in the water.  All drinks must be kept outside the water up on the deck.
  • Please clean up your area as you leave. 
  • The office and pump room are for approved personnel use only – NO OTHERS will be allowed.
  • Absolutely NO RUNNING.
  • No riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, or any other type of wheeled recreational toys.
  • All swimmers are encouraged to shower before using the pool. 
  • Parents should remind their children to use the bathroom before swimming.
  • No pets are allowed inside the pool gates or are to be tied to the fence, or left unattended on pool grounds.
  • No rough play.  No abusive or objectionable language will be permitted.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available for use throughout the facility.
  • A telephone is located in front of the women’s restroom for emergency purposes only.
  • A First Aid kit is located on the grounds in case of an emergency.
  • No glass containers allowed.   
  • Each member is expected to abide by all posted signs and lifeguard instructions.
  • No diving anywhere into the pool.  All jumps must be feet first.
All HOA owned tables, upright & lounge chairs will not be used.  Attendees must bring their own chairs.  The pool deck is made up of large squares.  Areas NOT available for use will be marked with an X.  Do not set up personal belongings on squares with an X in the middle. 
All attendees are encouraged to maintain 6ft of social distancing from other attendees that you did not quarantine with.  Attendees are only allowed to set up chairs and personal belongings on deck squares that do not have a giant X in the middle.
No water items/toys/inflatables of any kind are permitted.  The only personal items allowed in the water are coast guard approved Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) and goggles/masks.
Due to COVID 19 the Planters Walk pool is reserved for residents only.  NO OUTSIDE caregivers are permitted.  Residents who act as Caregivers are not allowed to bring non-resident children to the pool.
Available for children five (5) years and younger only.  Children must wear swim diapers (no regular diapers).  Attendees using the kiddie pool must be accompanied by an adult at the kiddie pool.  The lifeguards DO NOT guard the kiddie pool.
A parent or guardian must accompany all children 5 and younger. Children should not use the pool without adult supervision.  It is recommended that parents stay within a responsible distance of those children who cannot touch the bottom of the pool or cannot swim.
Youth ages 13 or younger are not permitted to attend the pool alone.  Youth ages 5-13 yrs must attend with parent/guardian or an approved sibling ages 16-17 yrs.   Sibling aged 16-17 yrs are allowed to bring up to two siblings ages 5-13 years and all must have parental approval as indicated on the 2020 pool application.  It is recommended that parents/guardian/older siblings stay within a responsible distance of those who cannot touch the bottom of the pool or cannot swim.
Teens ages 14-17 are permitted to attend the pool without parents under specific criteria.  All teens between the ages of 14 and 17 must have parental approval as indicated on the 2020 pool application in order to swim without their parents.  No teen between these ages will be permitted on their own unless the lifeguards have pre-approval in the pool database.
Due to COVID 19 the Planters Walk pool is reserved for residents only.  Nonresident guests are NOT permitted.
Appropriate swim attire (bathing suits/trunks/jammers, etc.) are to be worn in the pool.  This is a family environment.  No cutoffs, sweaty gym/workout clothing, thong suits, or underwear will be permitted.  Swimmers must be in swim attire to enter the pool.  Street clothes (t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, shoes, etc) are not allowed for swimming.  Please adhere to the proper swim attire for sanitary purposes.  Failure to comply will result in not being allowed to enter the pool. 
Any damage to the pool or to pool property will be charged to the person(s) causing said damage.  You will be billed the amount charged to the pool for repairs and/or replacement.  It is the duty and responsibility of all members, their children, and their guests to adhere to and encourage compliance with these rules.
Adult signatures indicate an understanding of the updated pool rules and the intent to follow ALL rules for their entire household.  Violators will be given ONE warning.  At the second warning (even if it is a different rule) the resident will be told to leave the premises.  Confrontations with lifeguards and/or other residents will result in CMPD being called to the pool to resolve the issue.   Management reserves the right to terminate pool privileges for repeat offenders.


*** Planters Walk will NOT be offering swim team or swim lessons in 2020.


*** Pool FOB - At this time, fobs will NOT be used.  Residents that do not have a fob from prior seasons do not need to apply for a fob.  DO NOT throw out your fob as they will be used during future pool seasons.


FAQ on FOB access for Planters Walk - 

Q:  What is a FOB?
A:  All Planters Walk residents are required to have a FOB for pool access.  A FOB is a small black key-card, about the size of a quarter which can clip onto your keychain.  It's coded properties allow the pool gate to unlock for resident access.  Planters Walk community implemented the FOB system in 2018.  All homeowners within the Planters Walk community are entitled to one complimentary FOB.  Homeowners MUST be current on all financial obligations to Hawthorne Management for FOB activation.
Q:  How do I apply for and receive a FOB?
Q:  I have a FOB from 2019 (or before) - will it still work?
A:  FOBs that were assigned in 2019 (or before) will still work and will be activated at the beginning of the 2020 pool season.  Make sure your HOA dues and all financial obligations to Hawthorne Management are current...outstanding balances can delay activation of your FOB.  
Q:  I lost my FOB and/or I want to get a 2nd FOB.  Can I do that?
A:  Complete the FOB application above.  Each homeowner is entitled to one complimentary FOB.  A 2nd can be purchased for $25.  If you lost your complimentary FOB and/or you would like a 2nd FOB, you must purchase a new one for $25.
Q:  I rent my home - how do I get a FOB?
A:  Reach out to your landlord/homeowner, and have the above application completed and processed.  FOB applications MUST be completed by and submitted by homeowners.  Applications completed by tenants will not be accepted. 
Q:  Where do I send my FOB application?  
A:  All FOB applications must be mailed to Hawthorne Management.  Emailed applications will not be accepted.  Mailing address:   
               Planters Walk HOA
              c/o Hawthorne Management
              PO Box 11906
              Charlotte, NC 28220