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Stoplight update: Route 160
Posted on Nov 9th, 2012

The board is in constant communication with NCDOT, keeping tabs on the progress of the street lights on 160 at both Sam Neely and Sledge Road.  We received a recent update and want to share with the community so you have the latest information on progress.

For the Sam Neely intersection, the next step is to have several Duke Power poles relocated.  At the Sledge Road intersection, the next step is to install the poles for the signal lights.  In both cases, we are waiting on Duke Power to conduct their work for the next stages of the project to continue.

As some of you may be aware, Duke Power has sent quite a few of its resources up north to help with the Hurricane Sandy efforts and bring power, heat, etc. to the people in need.  As a result of that, the work they need to do for the intersections will be delayed along with many other projects that are doing across the area.

It’s not clear what the impact will have on timing of the installation of the lights, but we should expect delays that may carry the work into late winter or early spring.  They originally projected a completion date for the end of the year, which at this time is very unlikely.

As we learn more, we will continue to share the information with you.